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The spirit of “supreme professionalism” is the core value of DFG. All employees of the group value the team and service, the Group can only truly take responsibilities to customers with professionalism. Over the years, DFG has communicated with all customers and friends based on the belief of “supreme professionalism” and has won customers’ trust with achievements.


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Considerate Services

Supreme Professionalism

DFG has excellent and talented professionals in the industry, and a team that has professional knowledge and many years of experience in different industries. This provides a full range of quality assurance for the company’s operational development, planning and training, etc.

DFG’s leading team is composed of financial experts with more than 30 years of management and operation experience. The extensive local experience and global vision have laid an important foundation for team development. DFG can achieve “supreme professionalism” both internally and externally.


DFG analyzes your needs. We have cooperated with more than 40 insurance companies that you are familiar with. We have more than a thousand types of guarantee and wealth management products. We combine the advantages of all parties according to your needs and customize exclusive wealth management portfolios without extra charges.

In addition to the characteristics of the products of various global insurance companies, we also have an analysis system for premiums and returns, which can provide customers with the most considerate and appropriate comparisons and choices.

DFG’s only business is IFA
We are devoted to becoming the ideal IFA independent financial consultant for “you”

Our Concept

DFG takes a bird’s-eye view of the pyramid as the logo of the group. The pyramid represents the crystallization of human wisdom since ancient times, symbolizing our macro vision to understand the market from multiple angles and meaning that we gather sand to build a tower to create a way of wealth and we enable customers to achieve financial goals.

Relying on rich wealth management and investment experience, DFG has set up a five-layer wealth management plan. The five levels are as follows:
Five-layer wealth management plan

Five-layer wealth management plan

Group’s Honors

Our Team

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Mr. Kwong Chi Hong
Independent Non-executive Director and Chief Advisor
Mr. Kwong Chi Hong has more than 30 years of management experience in the financial industry and has won many…
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Mr. Albert Lam
Independent Non-executive Director
Mr. Albert Lam (“Mr. Lam”), was appointed as an independent non-executive director of Grand T G Gold…
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Dr. Leung Siu kei
Independent Non-executive Director

Dr. Leung Siu kei (“Dr. Leung”) currently serves as the financial and business development consultant of Biaoxiang…

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Helen C1
Ms Wong Hoi Lun
Executive Director (Chairman) and Chief Operation Officer
Ms. Wong Hoi Lun (“Ms. Wong”) has been engaged in the financial planning industry for more than 20 years…
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Career Development

Relevant Training

With the first ESP (Excellent Service) in Hong Kong, the training is offered by a team of instructors with more than 20 years of industry experience. The contents include sales cycle, product knowledge, etc… Three more concept books are provided to help colleagues enhance the sales to a new high!

Eight Key Elements for Success

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