The spirit of “Professionally Professionalism” is the core value of the Dynasty Financial Group. Quality servicing is always our first priority.


We believe that being “More Professional than Professional” is the only way to be responsible to our valuable clients.


DFG has been insisting on dealing with all customers and friends with this belief since our establishment. Word of of mouth and mutual belief is given in return.

Culture and Values

Inimate Service
Comprehensive Product
Neutral Opinion

Professionally, Professionalism

DFG has outstanding and talented professionals in the finance industry.
Bringing together, DFG establishes a professional team with years of expertise , creative experience, and management speciality through out various sectors.

This bring DFG a comprehensive quality assurance among the operational development, strategic planning , and internal training.


Leaders of DFG is made up with a team of experts with more than 30 years of experience among the financial industries, including financial planning experts, investment solution experts, operation management experts, real estate investment consultants, and medical service experts.
Their contribution enriches an extensive local experience and global investment horizons for DFG.

DFG thoroughly implement the philosophy of “Professionally | Professionalism” through professional front-line personnel and core-leaders with rich experience.

Our Recognition

  • Member of Professional Insurance Brokers Association (No.: 0431)
  • Management group is formed by the Financial Strategists with more than 25 years working experience in Finance industry
  • Distribute more than 90% financial products; and working with more than 40 financial products and services providers in Hong Kong
  • Fund Platform is supported by at last 20 International Fund Houses, providing more than 230 fund choices, suitable for different risk management strategies
  • With great scale of products and service providers network, products platform of DFG can provide a complate range of financial products.
  • Focus in providing “Professionally | Professionalism” services to every single client, developing a stable and sustainable business
  • DFG is regularly recognized by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service through receiving the logo of the Caring Company since 2011
  • DFG is re-affirmed through professional recognition and commendations. Major awards include the Capital Weekly IFA Awards – Banking and Finance (2012)
  • Mediazone Group 每年出版《香港最有價值公司年鑑》表揚並介紹各界傑出企業。
    「DFG尊尚理財」於 2016 及 2017 年榮獲「香港最有價值服務大獎 2016──最可靠金融企業」及「香港最有價值服務大獎 2017──大中華區最受信賴的財務管理服務供應商」
  • 於 2018 年榮獲香港地品牌大獎

Career Path

Training package

DFG is the pioneer on service enhancement. We are the first in Hong Kong created the ESP, Excellent Service Program for our fellows.
ESP training is professionally instructed with a team of experienced leaders. Coverging 20+ years of industrial experience , we systemize a high quality among presentation , sales cycle, product knowledge, etc. 3 set of sales-kit are also created for our colleagues to achieve new sales heights!

8 Keys of Success

Pioneer Scheme

Income-Building Methodology