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We are devoted to becoming the ideal IFA independent financial consultant for “you”

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Personal Financial Services

DFG acts as an agent for more than 90% of financial products on the market. Our consultant team has rich experience and professional knowledge and is familiar with the points that insurance companies shall pay attention to when making claims, so that you can hand over the claims to us and we can provide you with the most appropriate advice, allowing you to focus on your career without distraction and enjoy a happy life with your family

Mandatory provident fund (MPF)

The MPF is currently the most basic retirement reserve. Since its establishment in 2000, the regulations have been updated for many times, and the general public may not be able to fully grasp all the information. DFG’s free consulting services help individual or corporate clients understand the latest market trends and then choose the most appropriate MPF integration solutions.

Benefits of group and employees

DFG has a wide range of product platforms, including employee compensation insurance and group medical services. Meanwhile, DFG’s commercial insurance services cover all industries and classes, individuals and groups, including travel, car insurance, pet insurance, home insurance and the latest Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge vehicle insurance.

We provide you with​

Diversified Products

Insurance Plan

Diversify product on shelf Life, Annuity, Critical Illness, Accident care, Medical, inclusive

Investment Link

All-rounded financial solution Board and complete coverage


Free Consultantcy Qualified MPF Provider

Devoted to becoming the ideal IFA independent financial consultant for "you"


Numerous partners

More than 40 product suppliers, wide products coverage range of platform

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