Our Role

Adhering to the value of “Professionally·Professionalism”, we are highly customer-oriented. In conjunction with the use of InsurTech, DFG works hand in hand with our customers to promote the standardization of financial management quality, establishing industry recognition, and creating a new era of independent financial management.



Our Value

DFG symbolizes our wealth acquiring philosophy with a bird’s eye view of the pyramid. With the symbol of the human wisdom since ancient times, DFG execute an multi-angle perspective understanding of the modern market with a macro view, and create wealth in the spirit of “many a little makes a mickle”, so that customers can achieve financial goals.
With rich experience in wealth and assets management,DFG has a five-tiered wealth management plan, which is:

Five-tier wealth management plan

  1. Wealth positioning tracking
  2. Wealth accumulation
  3. Wealth preservation
  4. Wealth appreciation
  5. Wealth inheritance

DFG Core Business

The core business of DFG is to offer a variety of financial services in the professional and objective manner.


Getting up-to-date market information, knowing the market trends and comprehensive knowledge of the financial products, working with different service providers, all these can facilitate our clients to achieve different financial targets in their life stages by providing the most suitable and flexible plan to them. Our ultimate goal is to fulfill what our clients need, and assist them to invest, so as to create their dreamed quality of life.

Our Partners