Asset Management

DFG understands that, investors wish to expand their existing resources, in order to pursuit their dreams. Under global market integration, DFG and customers are embracing global investment opportunities.

DFG achieve a comprehensive financial plan through strong and all-rounded wealth management product platform.


DFG is a powerful platform not only connecting more than 43 insurance companies closely but also offering a great variety of insurance products. These products include Life, critical illness, accident benefit, in patient insurance as well as high end medical so as to provide an all-rounded insurance coverage to our life.

Excellent Service Program (ESP) is our original service which makes pre-sales and after-sales service become regularly and systematically.

Ultimately, our clients can enjoy a comprehensive insurance protection at their different stages of life.


Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme, a.k.a. MPF, is currently the most basic retirement reserve. Since its establishment in 2000, it has been frequently updated on the ordinance. General public may not be able to fully comprehend the most updated information. DFG’s free consulting service assists individuals or corporate clients in understanding the latest market trends and choosing the right MPF portfolio.

Family Trust

With the continuous accumulation of wealth, the demand for family asset management services is increasing, which becoming a new driving force to support the development of the trust industry.

As a result, family trust services came into being.

Family trust is a highly confidential service.
It can also be used as a tool for tax planning, value appreciation, and inheritance planning for family assets.

A trust fund solution pools your global assets in one holding. This simplifies asset management and centralizes financial reporting.

Moreover, within the scope permitted by law, family trusts can make the inheritance of assets more systematic and this makes it easier for members of the family to assign inheritance.

General Insurance

Not only personal insurance, DFG general insurance services across the board too. Pur business covers all sectors, individuals and groups. The scope of protection includes travel, car insurance, pet insurance, home insurance and the latest Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge vehicle insurance.

Employee Benefits

DFG’s product platform is extensive. Employee compensation insurance, group medical care, all all fully empowered. Whether large enterprises or small and medium-sized enterprises can find suitable and satisfactory business solutions through DFG.

Other Business

Real Estate Agency

Through sales and leasing, customers receive investment income.
There are also agencies for overseas real estate and land investment projects, In order to provide a large number of featured and quality property information to meet the different target prospective buyers.

Immigration Advisory

It consists of a number of specialized consultants who are familiar with the professional fields of law and accounting. Provide reliable and professional investment immigration consulting services for all countries. From immigration applications to children’s enrollment, we will also arrange on behalf of our clients.